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13- Aimer (to love)

Le verbe aimer: TO LIKE or LOVE The verb "aimer" is the most well-known French verb in the world. It is your fourth verb because it allows you to start expressing yourself in French, to express what you like or love. Explanation: The verb "aimer" is a regular verb from the first group, which means that it follows a fairly simple conjugation. It is easy to recognize a regular verb, it ends with “ER”. Other examples: manger, parler, chanter, danser, penser, aimer. Here is the complete conjugation of the verb "aimer" in the present tense of the indicative: J’aime: I love Tu aimes: You love Il/ Elle/ On aime: He/She loves. On aime= We, One love (unformal) Nous aimons: We love Vous aimez: You love (formal/plural) Ils/ Elles aiment: They love Note that the “Je '' of the first person singular becomes “J’” in front of a vowel. The verb "aimer" is used to express affection, love or appreciation towards a person, animal or thing. For example: "J'aime ma famille" (I love my family), "Tu aimes ton chien" (You love your dog), "Elle aime le chocolat" (She loves chocolate), "Nous aimons la musique" (We love music), "Vous aimez voyager" (You love to travel), "Ils aiment les livres" (They love books). Pretty easy to express your tastes, right?

Did you understand it well ?

Question 1

Tu ________ la musique classique.

Question 2

Nous ________ les animaux.

Question 3

Elles ________ le café le matin.

Question 4

Vous ________ le sport en général.

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