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111- A1 Summary and Test

What you should know at the A1 level in French : 1- Basic Vocabulary: Greetings, colors, numbers, days of the week, months, common objects, foods, etc. 2- Simple Grammar: Present tense of regular and some irregular verbs, definite and indefinite articles, personal subject pronouns, construction of simple sentences. 3- Common Conversations: Introducing oneself, asking and giving personal information (name, age, place of origin, etc. ), expressing simple needs, ordering at a restaurant, asking for directions. 4- Listening and Reading Comprehension: Understanding simple instructions, short phrases, and basic indications. 5- Practical Exercises: Matching images and words, filling out simple forms, writing basic sentences. This forms the foundation to start learning French and engage in simple daily conversations. Here is a test to assess your mastery and areas for improvement. Enjoy! :)

Did you understand it well ?

Question 1

Comment dit-on "hello" en français ?

Question 2

Quelle est la couleur du ciel ?

Question 3

Combien de jours y a-t-il dans une semaine ?

Question 4

Quel est le mois après janvier ?

Question 5

Conjuguez le verbe "parler" au présent pour "tu".

Question 6

Quel est l'article indéfini pour le mot "livre" ?

Question 7

Complétez : "Tu _____ un étudiant."

Question 8

Quel est l'opposé de "petit" ?

Question 9

Que dit-on pour demander : "How are you" ?

Question 10

Comment exprime-t-on "I am 25 years old" en français ?

Question 11

Quel mot utilise-t-on pour dire "Goodbye" ?

Question 12

Quel jour vient après mardi ?

Question 13

Complétez : "Ils ____ à Paris."

Question 14

Elle chante une belle chanson." Que fait-elle ?

Question 15

Comment dites-vous "I would like to buy a train ticket" ?

Question 16

Comment dit-on "aller" au passé composé ?

Question 17

Trouvez le mot intrus : pomme, banane, chaise, poire.

Question 18

Quel est le synonyme de "heureux" ?

Question 19

Donnez le contraire de "sourire".

Question 20

Complétez la phrase : "J'ai mangé ___ gâteau ce matin."

Typical restaurant from France